SevOne Brand Collateral

SevOne is a Boston-based cloud network infrastructure provider. While working at Delin Design, I’ve had the pleasure of managing SevOne’s brand and printed collateral since 2016. The company’s core offerings are five cloud network management platforms, and they wanted to create a suite of assets to promote and demonstrate the products. In each case, the assets included a data sheet, a solution guide (an extended document outlining use cases), an infographic and an eBook. When the company first introduced these assets into their marketing materials, they were transitioning from being primarily hardware-based to being primarily software-based.

At the time, their brand leaned heavily on hardware imagery—think mainframe server racks and Ethernet switches—and they wanted to present themselves as customer-oriented with “real-world” photos and corporate office environments. I established a range of image styles in the collateral that would allow SevOne to move forward without a constrictive brand. Some of the imagery included people, but the company also embraced cityscapes and abstract architectural photography that reflected the virtual framework of SevOne’s platform. To round out the brand’s evolution, I created an icon library that was consistent with the blocky, graphic nature of the brand. Each of the five suites of assets is visually cohesive with a clearly-defined style and as a set, they create a consistent look for the company’s marketing team.