Phase Genomics Homepage Design

Phase Genomics provides tissue sample kits for genomic sequencing and scaffolding. The previous iteration of their website was primarily informational with limited eCommerce capabilities. As their business evolved and their products gained popularity among researchers, the company needed a more robust solution for their online store and wanted to transition their site to be more product-focused. Their previous site had little in the way of imagery and relied heavily on a hexagon vector pattern reminiscent of chemical structures. I collaborated with my colleagues and we each did a design option for the initial presentation.

With the goal of highlighting the company’s offerings, I used an image of a genome kit as one of the first graphics on the homepage, followed by entry points to their two main products. I sought to make the page cohesive and dynamic, with video backgrounds and clear links to direct users. An orange banner at the bottom of the page before the footer contrasts the rest of the graphic elements and stands out as a call-to-action. The company ultimately chose a different option for the final design, but I feel this is a strong representation of my approach to a web project.

See the end result of the project at