Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation Commitment Campaign

Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation is Milford Regional Medical Center’s nonprofit fundraising organization. The Foundation coordinates community events and fundraisers that benefit the hospital and has an integral relationship with the town’s leaders. In 2019, the hospital’s fourth floor underwent a major renovation with new private patient rooms and up-to-date technologies. In an effort to offset the considerable cost of the project, MRHF launched their Commitment Campaign to raise funds for the renovations.

MRHF is run by a small team of dedicated community members. They had limited bandwidth for spreading the word about the campaign and needed help with promotion and social media strategy. Some of their social media accounts already had a following among, but the Foundation didn’t post often and relied on their website to announce upcoming events. In addition to designing an informational one-sheet and imagery/copy for posts, I was tasked with project management and weekly meetings with the client.

With the goal of increasing engagement and raising awareness about the campaign without directly asking for contributions, my colleagues and I created a strategy for getting attention on social media and for driving people to a landing page that detailed the campaign. The campaign was a success for the Foundation and resulted in a significant increase in followers. The annual Mélange Gala & Live Auction fundraiser was the most successful to date, with over $1 million raised.

I was responsible for planning and implementing a monthly calendar that detailed posts on social media including timing, platforms and categories/types of posts. This project required close attention to detail and consideration of the time required for each post given the budget agreement we had made with MRHF. Furthermore, my role was to delegate work to my colleagues and check in with them to make sure the work would be complete on time.

Learn more about the Commitment Campaign here.