Headwall Photonics HubSpot Website Development

Headwall Photonics is a market leader in hyperspectral sensing, with global industrial applications including aerial agriculture assessment, biomedical engineering, food quality/safety, defense, environmental monitoring, and more. In 2021, upon receiving regular feedback from customers that their website was difficult to navigate, Headwall decided it was time to rethink their sitemap and overhaul the site with a fresh visual approach, including a need for a meganav, an image comparison tool, and a variety of page templates that would suit their unique needs. Working alongside design and UX teams, I was tasked with developing the new site in HubSpot from a static Photoshop mockup.

I developed a custom theme that includes page templates, custom modules, blog templates, and a meganav that supported the culmination of the new sitemap. Leveraging Zurb Foundation 6 CSS framework and HubSpot’s HubL API, I set up an interface for content creation in HubSpot that is as simple for Headwall’s employees to use on the backend as it is for their customers to navigate on the front end. The result is a site that will allow Headwall to maintain a strong image for years to come and to build upon as their business continues to grow. This project was highly rewarding as I learned a lot about the latest development processes and best practices in HubSpot, building on a base of knowledge I’d established in prior years.

View the site at headwallphotonics.com.