Devo Sales Kickoff 2021

Devo, Inc. offers a comprehensive enterprise platform that uses automated algorithms to detect cybersecurity threats across large networks. In early 2021, Devo’s internal sales kickoff meeting was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company wanted to brand the event with a logo and digital assets related to their “Rocket-Powered Ascent” theme. They wanted to convey the idea that 2021 would be a year of opportunity for the company to expand and offer its services to a wider pool of prospects. As such, the event needed space-related imagery and a futuristic look and feel. The company’s brand palette has a bright chartreuse and blue balanced by varying shades of cool gray, and their public-facing imagery weighs on abstract vector-based data/landscape graphics. Devo requested a logo, email header imagery, a suite of video conference backgrounds and a PowerPoint template.

I contributed two concepts to the project to supplement two other concepts that my colleagues designed. Devo appreciated the NASA-esque logo and saturated imagery of my first concept (examples below) and they decided to pursue this option for the event. I coupled photos of space and rocket launches with a gradient map using Devo’s colors, manipulating the highlights and shadows to create a futuristic look and feel. To push the event identity further, I added the Devo logo to images of rockets, connoting that Devo is the vehicle by which the sales team will achieve new heights. The second concept is much starker, pairing monochromatic “space hardware” imagery with technical drawings reminiscent of physics and rocket science. The logo is also more reserved, using pragmatic typography rather than the illustrative nature of the first concept. I enjoyed the process of developing distinct visual options centered on outer space and futurism—subjects I find personally interesting.

Concept 1 (Chosen by Client)

PowerPoint Template Title Slide

Zoom Backgrounds

Email Banner

Concept 1 Email Banner

Concept 2 Email Banner

Concept 2

Zoom Backgrounds