DataRobot View-Master Concept

C-level executives are constantly inundated with business requests and marketing propositions. In order to stand out, DataRobot wanted to send a direct-mail piece to banking executives that was simultaneously interactive and eye-catching. They settled on branding a classic View-Master slide reel to communicate the idea that recipients’ analytics tools are outdated and that DataRobot offers modern solutions. The company needed a comprehensive design system for packaging, as well as the View-Master slides and an accompanying eBook about the benefits of partnering with DataRobot.

The View-Master was popular in the 1960s and the original slides were made using Kodak color film. I drew inspiration from Kodak’s packaging and marketing materials from that era: a grid system coupled with monochromatic photos and bright background colors. DataRobot’s platform analyzes countless approaches to a problem to find the best business solution with AI. To illustrate this concept, I duplicated each photo in a line, applied a halftone effect and colored one of the photos to distinguish it, metaphorically highlighting the solution chosen by DataRobot’s software. Ultimately, the client chose a different direction and my concept didn’t go beyond first-round comps, but I feel this project is a strong representation of my conceptual thought process.