DataRobot Buyer Personas

DataRobot is positioned on the cutting edge of AI technology. As a leader in the emerging enterprise AI market, they provide B2B machine learning solutions that improve business efficiency and data analysis. As part of an internal initiative to align employees in the company’s overarching goals, they created a series of eight personas that reflected not only DataRobot’s employees, but also the people to whom the company markets its services.

My concept was to incorporate AI into the image-making process and to merge abstract machine learning imagery with a person’s face. By running images of people through Google’s Deep Dream algorithms then merging the results with the original photos, I created a series reminiscent of cyborgs. The imagery evokes the idea that, when used as a business tool, AI extends a person’s capabilities and brings abstract data into the tangible realm.

Conceptual Comps

The End Result

After a presentation of the team’s comps, the client decided to pursue my coworker’s idea of immersion. The concept is based on the idea that each persona lives and breathes his/her role. Visually, this is expressed by blending the person’s clothing with a graphic background representative of his/her job. At the time, my colleagues had considerable workloads, so I took on the project and built out a full set of eight posters and accompanying trading cards.

I loved working on both phases of this project—my initial comps and the chosen concept. The project required a mix of research, abstract thinking, photo manipulation and typographic nuance that stretched my skills and knowledge, and it was incredibly rewarding to develop the imagery and assets.