CommScope Ad Concepts

CommScope is a top-tier international leader in wireless communications hardware. With over 20,000 employees worldwide and over a dozen prominent subsidiaries including Arris and Ruckus, CommScope represents the hardware infrastructure underlying many of the technologies we all use on a daily basis. Their brand consists of a spectrum of bright colors and gradients, but in 2020, their marketing imagery leaned heavily on impersonal cityscapes and product renderings. They wanted to bring the human element to their tagline, “Now Meets Next,” through an exploration of concepts for social media ads and print ads. CommScope has brand equity in its bright colors and “ribbon” gradients, so they wanted to keep those elements, but wanted to explore fresh approaches to their use.

I contributed two concepts to the presentation. The first centers on people using wireless devices, merged with supporting background images of similar people in different environments overlaid with a gradient wash. The concept was to show that CommScope’s technologies are immersive and have the power to instantly transport end users. The second concept uses the gradient ribbon to evoke the idea that CommScope’s technologies surround and envelop end users. By layering ribbon pieces in an image and varying the scale of the pieces, the ads take on a sense of depth. The concepts were applied to both LinkedIn digital ads and a letter-sized print ad to show how the images could translate across different assets.