ChaosSearch Brand Collateral

ChaosSearch sells an innovative log analytics platform that solves the problems of big data for many businesses: speed, scale and efficiency when running queries on data from aggregate sources. ChaosSearch’s brand centers on compositions of geometric shapes, evocative of the platform’s value proposition of organizing and simplifying streams of complex data. I’ve had the opportunity at Delin Design to be involved in the creation of their marketing materials as a primary point-of-contact and designer for a variety of communication needs. ChaosSearch’s product brings significant value to the business market and my goal is to enable them to stand out from the competition.

By arranging geometric shapes in bold, Bauhaus-inspired compositions and layering the shapes with stock photos of business users, ChaosSearch’s brand embodies their uniqueness in the log analytics space. In my time working with the company, I’ve created conceptual ad campaigns, social media templates, event graphics, direct-mail assets, and pitch decks, as well as providing creative direction for print collateral such as whitepapers, case studies and solution briefs. I aim to consistently push the boundaries of the brand and bring creative conceptual approaches to a technical business market.

Various Social Media Templates

PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template
Sticker Concepts
T-Shirt Designs